Barcelona Supercross: a place where everything can happen

About volcanos, spontaneous top-less, racing trousers flying to the stands and indoor motorbike bungee jumps…

The concept “magic afternoons in the Palau” was born when the indoor trials events organised by RPM-MKTG took place in the Palau d’Esports, Barcelona’s old sports arena in the early 80’s. Nevertheless, the concept reached its peak inside another arena, the flaming and olympic Palau Sant Jordi, that hosted RPM-MKTG’s Barcelona Supercross from 1990 to 2008.

Watching the Supercross event guaranteed three hours of top fun and, in addition, of experiencing moments and situations that are now part of history of the sport.

In the first run of Barcelona Supercross, a 10-year old kid from Barcelona called Edgar Torronteras won the event Junior class and, at the end of the race, was carried on US No.1 star Rick Johnson’s shoulders.

In Barcelona Supercross, a motocross bike with the rider on bungee-jumped from the 27-meter high arena dome. An amazing jump like this has not been seen again anywhere.

In Barcelona Supercross an indoor volcano suddenly “began to erupt”… From the inside, the best European supercross rider ever, Jean-Michel Bayle, emerged.

In Barcelona Supercross an American rider, nicknamed “the Iceman” due to his unexistent expressivity, threw his racing trousers to the cheering crowd at the end of the Main race. American journalists could not believe their eyes (maybe they still cannot) when watching that unexpected reaction from Iceman Jeff Stanton.

In Barcelona Supercross, a Dutch rider -enchanted by the festive and a bit naughty atmosphere inside the arena- decided to go up the tabletop and start dancing with his fiancée,…the girl ending with a top-less.

Anything you deem impossible to happen… in Barcelona Supercross CAN happen.

What can we expect on Saturday, the 17th of November, in Barcelona Palau Sant Jordi?

That is for you to discover, but never forget that Barcelona Supercross afternoons are simply… magic.

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