Barcelona Supercross & Freestyle: less than one month to go for the big comeback!

Americans Malcolm Stewart and Josh Grant -in supercross- and the world’s best freestyle motocross rider Tom Pagés -gold and silver medalist in 2018 X-Games Australia- ensure a great show

Twentieth run of a milestone-marker event for indoor motorcycling events since 1990

Preparations for the 20th Barcelona Supercross & Freestyle (November, 17 – Palau Sant Jordi arena) do not stop and are gradually shaping and setting up a great event that will feature two shows in one. Ten years after the last run in 2008, Barcelona Supercross & Freestyle aims at becoming once again a reference point and a must for all motorcycling fans.

40 supercross riders are expected at the start gate in Barcelona olympic arena Palau Sant Jordi and will be distributed in three classes: SX1 (450cc), SX2 (250cc) and 125cc 2-stroke. SX1 entry list will show US riders Malcolm Stewart –5-time US champion “Bubba” Stewart’s young brother and East Coast SX250 champion in 2016- and Josh Grant, a legend in the USA after clinching 6 wins and 30 podium finishes in AMA motocross and supercross championships. On the European side, top-level riders such as Frenchmen Simon Mallet -2013 SX Tour runner-up- and Boris Maillard -2017 Supercross European championship runner-up-, Belgian Jens Getteman -2018 German motocross champion in both MX Open and MX2 classes- and, of course, Spaniards Nil Arcarons, Nil Bussot and Francesc Mataró (SX1 class), Jorge Zaragoza, Nil Pons and Hugo Arriazu (SX2 class).

The freestyle motocross event will feature five FMX top-class specialists. The event’s “big name” is world’s FMX No.1, Frenchman Tom Pagés. Pagés has just won gold and silver medals in 2018 X-Games Australia in the Freestyle and Best Trick contests respectively. The Spain-based rider has revolutionized freestyle motocross by means of amazing tricks, such as the Alley-oop Flair (540-degree rotation) or the impressive Frontflip, Bike Flip (360-degree rotation…only the bike, not the rider!) and the astonishing Double Backflip (two full 360-degree rotations in the same jump).

Two of the best Spanish FMX riders in history, Edgar Torronteras and Dany Torres, will also perform in Barcelona show. Catalan Torronteras took part in the first run of Barcelona Supercross in 1990 riding the 80cc bike. X-Games gold medalist, the rider nicknamed E.T. is the local hero and an FMX legend in Spain. Both Torronteras and Andalusian Dany Torres are former FMX world No.1 riders.

Three different ramps will be available for the freestyle shows, some of them reserved for single use in the most difficult tricks, such as the Double Backflip.

The event organizer is Barcelona-based company RPM-MKTG and the event is backed by Barcelona Town Hall. Show will start at 6pm (CET) and will mix the SX race finals (3 SX1 finals, 2 SX2 finals and 2 125cc finals) with the 3 freestyle motocross shows. The classic “FMX train” -all FMX riders in line performing a trick one rider after the other- will be the cherry on the cake for a big event with a big story behind, written from 1990 to 2008. Ten years later, story goes on.

Tickets are available through WWW.RPMTICKET.COM.

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