Tyler Bowers: “Bogle?… Bloss?… I’m the one for victory in Barcelona!”

Not long ago Tyler Bowers was known to be one of the “bad-boys” in the AMA Supercross paddocks. Always aggressive when riding, the Kentucky-born ace plays also an aggressive bet for Barcelona results: one of the American racers will not clinch a podium finish. But not him, of course…

Your countrymates will not feel happy when reading the headline in this interview…

Of course I will have to bet on myself for 1st, or might as well stay home. I think I will have very real advantages from my years in the Arenacross series as well as my experience racing in other parts of Europe. I can even say that the podium in Barcelona won’t be 100% American.

That’s a bomb! Who won’t clinch a pódium spot?!

I believe second can be a good battle between Bloss and Bogle, but not both on the podium. I believe there will be a good French rider on the podium as well most likely.

Fans are eager to see aggressive battles with the “Triple-B” racers…

Yeah, for sure. Spanish fans are in for a real treat this year. I am sure Bogle will get excellent starts and show amazing style and speed. Benny and I usually like to make it hard on ourselves and come from the back, but our aggressive racing style should put on a great show on our way through the pack. I often times seem to have very aggressive battles with Bloss. Both of us leave the track talking about how exciting it was and we are both comfortable racing each other that way. It is sure to be a great show for the fans!

How do you describe yourself as an SX racer?

I think I am a very aggressive SX racer. I won’t give up, and I especially excel in making quick passes. I am a little heavier than the average racer but I am also very physically strong. I also excel in quick decision making due to my arenacross past.

Where do you feel more comfortable: jumps, corners, start gate, whoops…?

I think I for sure make up the most time in the whoops. I do not consider myself good at starts, but I am practicing to fix that!

Racing in Europe against the best European riders and you being the American stars, does it mean an additional pressure on you?

I think it does absolutely. I race many of the same Europeans during the German series and I know how quick and aggressive they can be. I know the Europeans will have something to prove. I am not to let my guard down in Barcelona.

Have you ever tried freestyle motocross?

Years ago when I was younger I have tried some of the now basic and boring freestyle tricks: heel-clicker, Superman, Nac-Nac… the OG tricks. Now, these freestyle athletes are on another level and are truly masters of what they do. Sometimes I can’t even wrap my mind around the capabilities they have on a bike!

How was the experience of beating Travis Pastrana on your ’91 2-stroke Kawasaki KX500 (“The Unit”) a few weeks ago?

Absolutely insane! It was such an awesome feeling to even be able to line up against Travis, much less on those old monsters of engines we were riding, and then to see him upside down next to me during the run just didn’t seem like it could be reality.

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