Edgar Torronteras: “Barcelona Supercross is back to offer the best show ever”

Grown up in the Palau Sant Jordi arena and breastfed by his love, he became a teenager, then a young gun, then an adult. As most famous scenes have their own big names, Palau Sant Jordi’s one is called Edgar Torronteras. Twenty-eight years after his debut, E.T. will return to the theatre of what a day his dreams were… and have converted now in the most beautiful of realities.

What does this return to Palau Sant Jordi mean to Edgar Torronteras?

The return to my early days, to the place that made me wiser with every win and the arena where I’ve always been more acclaimed. Barcelona means home soil and home fans. This is my home event.

Can you highlight a single moment of all that you have lived there from 1990 to 2012?

The day on which the crowd broke the record of decibels of noise to allow me win the freestyle contest. There were more decibels than when a Boeing airliner takes off! (laughs)

What does Barcelona mean for freestyle motocross history?

Barcelona event gave life to this sport. Thirty years ago freestyle motocross neither existed nor no one could imagine anything like this to happen in an indoor event.

Were the days and hours leading to Barcelona event special for Edgar Torronteras?

Of course. When competing at home, I wanted to show everybody who the “boss” was. My only goal was to ride perfectly, to give it all and to beat my rivals by showing the best of my style and skills.

Why the amazing atmosphere in the Palau Sant Jordi packed with fans remains unmatched?

Barcelona supercross has always been a top-quality event that everyone wanted to imitate. Fans do really enjoy the show. That quality leads to that unique atmosphere we experienced every year… and we will experience again on the 17th of November, for sure!

Do you agree with the sentence “what happens in Barcelona supercross stays in Barcelona supercross”?

Ha, ha, ha… yeah, of course! Barcelona supercross history is full of amazing and unforgettable moments. Some super-fun and super-crazy situations are impossible to happen anywhere but in Barcelona event! Ask any veteran fan and check it by yourself!

Are you still in touch with fellow riders of the 90s?

Yes, with all of them!

If you could go back in time, would you change any of the decisions you made regarding your career?

Yes. Although errors make you learn and grow, if I had changed some decisions, now I would be the true protagonist of this tale…

You’ve been the undisputed king of the Sant Jordi arena but… what riders did E.T. admire in those magical evenings in Barcelona?

Many many riders! Vico, Ricky Johnson, Jean-Michel Bayle, Everts, Fonseca, McGrath, Miralles, Tom Pagès, Mike Metzger, Mike Jones, Larry Ward, Dany Torres, Lechien, Demaria… many!

Whose autographs did you manage to get?

Unfortunately I always forgot to ask for autographs!

You won the 65 c.c. race in the first edition of the Barcelona supercross. At the end of the race US supercross star Ricky Johnson took you upon his shoulders. How do you remember that moment?

It was an incredible feeling! Almost every day I saw Rick Johnson’s life in a VHS video tape and when he handed me the 125 c.c. Honda which was raffled I was really touched!

Have you ever cried in the Palau?

Yes, every time I fell in races or when I failed to perform any of my tricks in the freestyle contest. I have cried several times.

What keeps you so active in freestyle motocross and with the same passion as always… almost 30 years later?

I do love this sport. I love my bike and now that I am able to perform whatever I want and in the way that I want, I love it even more!

Who is your FMX colleague and also best friend?

Jose Miralles.

How do you think fans will react when they see you again in the Palau on the 17th of November?

Perhaps some of them will think I am already retired… others perhaps will wonder where I’ve been in the last ten years as they have not been aware of my FMX events out of Spain. It doesn’t matter: as soon as they see my first trick they all will go mad! (laughs)

Why is the 2018 Barcelona Supercross an event not to be missed?

Because it will be the best edition ever. Top fun and top quality are -and will continue to be- the true and distinctive features of this unique event.

By the way and finally: would you like both to RACE in the Palau and jump in the freestyle contest?

Of course I would, but now I am focused on freestyle! Nevertheless, I can’t wait to enjoy that superb afternoon and show everybody what I am still able to do on a motocross bike!

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