World’s freestyle best rider Tom Pagés to present a new trick in Barcelona event

The best freestyle motocross rider in the world will be back once again in Barcelona, this time to present the frontflip rocketed by an standard ramp. This top-level freestyle motocross trick without the specific frontflip ramp has only been performed so far by two riders in the world: Jackson Strong and Rob Adelberg.

Tom Pagés was Barcelona hero last year. The Yamaha rider performed two insane tricks not seen before in Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi olympic arena: the double backflip and the bike flip, an exclusive trick done by the Frenchman ace that forces the bike to flip in the air while the rider is holding it with just one hand. And then, of course, back on the bike before it reaches the ground. “I am eager to jump once again in the Palau” the Spain-based Frenchman star said. “Barcelona freestyle event is the best show in Europe… and the only one in the world I ASK for an invite! Fans are really mad over there and when you see such a reaction, there’s nothing else for us to do than excelling with our top FMX tricks. This time I will try the frontflip with a normal ramp. I will be performing it for the very first time. It is quite a scary trick, but I love Barcelona since I debuted there in 2010. That day I presented the first body varial trick to be seen in Barcelona (the Volt) and the way the fans said my name really touched me. Since 2017 I live just 80 kilometers (50 miles) northbound from Barcelona, so I will even feel more at home on the 23rd!  My goal is putting on a top-level show to make that fantastic crowd go crazy again!”.

Be ready for an amazing freestyle motocross performance by the world’s No.1. Double backflips, 360s, turndowns, holygrabs, super flatliners, tsunamis, flip combos… and many more!

Tom Pagés: as simple as the best.

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