Justin Bogle: I will try to put on the best show for the fans!

Justin Bogle was the first US pro rider to be confirmed for 2019 Barcelona Supercross & Freestyle event scheduled November, 23. Top-ten overall finisher in both 2019 AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross 450, the Oklahoma ace aims for victory in Barcelona but, at the same time, he is eager to ride at his best and provide an unforgettable performance to the Spanish fans. And the high-talented, explosive and spectacular rider is more than capable to do that. Need some advice, you SX fans? Don’t miss it!

Justin, what are the ‘ingredients’ in that superb performance you’d like to put on in Barcelona?

This is not to be explained, you’ll have to witness! I enjoy racing supercross and I enjoy being able to entertain the crowd with the way I ride my motorcycle. It’s what I live for!

In which sections on a supercross track do you make the difference?

I consider myself quite fast in the whoops section, and a big place for me to make up time is the corners. And I have always been good at starts throughout my career!

Is Barcelona your first time in Europe for racing?

I raced Genoa in 2015, but I haven’t been overseas to race besides that, so I am super excited for the opportunity. And I will be visiting Barcelona for the first time!

You clinched 9th place in both AMA SX and MX championships in 2019. Do you like both kinds of racing just the same… or do you feel more comfortable when racing MX or SX?

I do enjoy both SX and MX, but I have to say that I love SX. The excitement, the crowd and all the jumps make it fun and more entertaining.

In fact, your performances in your first supercross races as a pro were astonishing…

Yeah, when I turned pro back in 2012 in the Lites class I got my first podium in my second race which would have been Atlanta. I had some success quickly on a 250 more so in SX than MX.

Barcelona supercross track is very demanding. It is inside a big arena, not a big stadium…

I love the big stadiums, but I grew up racing amateur arenacross-style tracks a lot and in smaller stadiums, so I like the feel of the tighter confines of a small stadium just fine.

Have you already asked Malcolm Stewart or Josh Grant (they both raced in Barcelona last year) about the city, the track… and the passionate Barcelona fans?

I have not, but I will be doing some research to see what it’s all about and learn what I can before I fly over, for sure.

Many US supercross stars have raced Barcelona Supercross since 1990: Ricky Johnson, Jeff Stanton, Larry Ward, Jeremy McGrath and Mike Brown are some. Who are your non-active favourite riders?

I grew up a huge fan of guys like Jeremy McGrath, Robbie Reynard, James Stewart and Guy Cooper. They all had such cool style and were very influential to me.

Barcelona event will combine supercross racing and freestyle motocross shows. Have you ever tried FMX and what’s your opinion about what these guys do?

That combination is great! I love riding for fun and doing whips and the tricks that I can do, but they’re so basic that I wouldn’t even call it freestyle. The tricks those guys do these days are absolutely insane and I have so much respect for that sport and the talent it takes to do it.

What is your career greatest moment so far?

Winning the 250 East SX championship in 2014 and winning a 450 National overall in 2017.

Please tell us about a fellow US rider you think would be a good asset for Barcelona supercross…

There are a lot of great racers that would make it exciting. I think Colt Nichols would be top… as we both love to entertain and would have a lot of fun!

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