The Kawasaki Team Green Cup, in Barcelona SX: the best end for a great season!

Kawasaki Spain has decided to award the best riders in the 2019 season in their single-make Cup with the best prize: the chance of riding for the first time in the packed Palau Sant Jordi for Barcelona Supercross. The best 14 riders -by mixing all results in both MX1 and MX2 classes along the season- will experience unforgettable sensations when they come out the pits and race in front of a crowd of 11,000.

Even though Kawasaki Team Green Cup riders already mix with the Elite MX1 Spanish Motocross championship riders -this season both championships raced together in the weekends in Talavera de la Reina, Bellpuig, Calatayud and MotorLand-, the chance to have Justin Bogle, Benny Bloss and Tyler Bowers really close and even the possibility of learning some SX antics from three USA AMA Supercross racers will be something to remember and a very special moment for them all.

It will be a luxury prize that the 2019 Cup champions will add to the joy of clinching the title. Spaniard Eduardo Esteban, 2019 Kawasaki Team Green Cup MX1 class champion, will enjoy every single second inside the Palau Sant Jordi arena: “I am very excited and eager to take part in such a big event, but I realize that the racetrack will be really demanding for us. It will be two very short races, so starts will be decisive. But the most important goal when such an opportunity arises, is to have good fun and enjoy the experience!”.

The 2019 MX2 champion, Marc Fontanals, feels the same excitement and is also aware of the demands linked to the best supercross race in Spain: “I have practised a lot of supercross in the last months because I want to be very well prepared when I arrive in the Palau Sant Jordi. That track has never been easy! I’m happy because I’m sure I’ll learn a lot by watching the way the Americans and other big names such as Cédric Soubeyras, Greg Aranda and Joan Cros ride.”

You can check the Kawasaki Team Green Cup entry list for Barcelona Supercross here.

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