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Malcolm Stewart: “Barcelona, get ready for a good show!”

He shares genetic pattern with big brother James “Bubba” Stewart, and also a spot at the USA Supercross Hall of Fame. 250 SX US champion in 2016, young Malcolm Stewart will fight for the 450 title in 2019. For him, next season will have a new and different start: the Palau Sant Jordi arena in Barcelona, Spain.

Malcolm, ready to take part in a big and very popular event in Barcelona in the 90s and where countrymate riders such as Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Stanton, Nick Wey or Larry Ward offered afternoons of great supercross racing?

I am really looking forward to racing in front of the Barcelona fans. I watched videos featuring all those riders when I grew up and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the city.

Do you admire any of those legends of US supercross?

They’re all big names, of course, but I never really had a favorite rider until my brother started racing. (laughs).

What kind of role does your big brother James play in your career?

He has definitely achieved a lot in our sport. No one better to have in your corner than him.

Have you ever been to Spain?

Not yet. I love travelling to Europe and I am really excited about going to Spain. So now I will be able to check it off my wish list.

Do you feel happy with your performances in the 2018 season?

It was ok. In fact, better than 2017 (laughs). I am just excited to be racing again, I think the more I race the better I will be.

You are back on a Honda and you have recently won the Montreal Supercross event in Canada. Honda brings good memories back to you, such as your 2016 US 250 SX title…

Yeah, Montreal went great! Being back on the Honda felt really good from the first time I tested the bike. Really excited to see where things go from here.

Do you think you will be a true AMA 450 title contender right in 2019… or you will need some time to adapt to the new bike?

I have no doubt I will be. I am feeling great on the bike. Only time will tell.

Barcelona fans sit not much more than 5 yards from the track…and they’re very passionate and noisy! Do you like riding surrounded by such an atmosphere?

Of course! I think it’s very cool fans get to be so close to their heroes. You don’t really get that experience here in the States. The louder the better!

Where on the track is the best of your skills to be admired?

Whoops have always been my strong point. I will do my best to make sure I give the Barcelona fans a great show!

If you were asked to invite a US rider to Barcelona to help you put out the best possible show… who would you bring along with you?

I would bring Malcolm… and Stewart (laughs). I am just happy I am going!

Do you the Americans hold extra pressure when racing overseas?

No, I don’t think so. We are here to have fun, race hard and put on a good show for the fans.

Your message for the Barcelona fans attending the event is…

Get ready guys for a good show… and make sure you take a selfie with me!

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