Riders and organizer RPM-MKTG first meetings to outline the event

Edgar Torronteras, Javier García Vico and other Barcelona SX legend riders discuss about the event format. Fans to witness performances never seen before in Barcelona

Nothing left to improvisation. Rising once again the curtain of Barcelona Supercross ten years after the last run of this event, must guarantee a top-level race and show of the same quality -or even better, of course!- than the one that attracted thousands of fans for 19 years.

Legend SX riders in the Palau Sant Jordi olympic arena, such as Edgar Torronteras, Javier García Vico or Jose Miralles, met recently RPM-MKTG CEO, Juan Porcar, and RPM-MKTG sports director and Barcelona Supercross event coordinator, Jordi Castells, together with other riders expected to be part of the show: Antoni and Guillem Navas.

After remembering so many -and very funny- tales and stories attached to Barcelona Supercross since 1990, they all went through some event key-points, such as the event format, which will include both supercross races and freestyle shows,  and the provisional list of riders who will be invited to take part in the event.

They all agreed that the show must feature elements never seen before in Barcelona. Face-to-face short races in pairs and a top-level freestyle trick not performed before there are some examples.

Time left for the 20th Barcelona Supercross and Freestyle is four months, but the event outline already looks very very nice…

PICTURE (left to right): Juan Porcar, Antoni Navas, Guillem Navas, Edgar Torronteras, Javier García Vico, José Miralles and Jordi Castells at RPM-MKTG headquarters in Barcelona.

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