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The “Spanish power”: Cros, Zaragoza and Bussot

They are three out of the seven Spanish racers to take part in 2019 Barcelona Supercross. Cros was overall fifth and best Spaniard last year; Zaragoza was sidelined due to injury in qualifying once he had already lapped for pole-position in the SX2 class. Bussot wants to forget a result in 2018 worse than expected. We have asked them about their experience in 2018…and about their expectations for the event on the 23rd.

1. What is your opinion about the 2018 event as a whole and what did you like best?

Joan CROS: To be back in the Palau Sant Jordi arena, the amazing atmosphere, the crowd cheering me on during the face-to-face races. It was fantastic!

Jorge ZARAGOZA: For us riders the best thing was the packed stands. As for races, the way Malcolm Stewart rides in the whoops section is simply unbelievable…

Nil BUSSOT: To have the Supercross back in Barcelona was absolutely great. And, of course, having the chance to learn from Grant and Stewart.

2. Were you happy about your performance last year?

J.C.: Yeah, very happy, even though I was really close to clinch a really good race finish and also to beat Josh Grant in the face-to-face event.

J.Z.: Injury in qualifying sidelined me, but I learnt that one you’ve clinched pole-position, taking further risks is not worth it.

N.B.: I felt a little bit disappointed. I was really constant and did not make mistakes, but I should have fought harder and try get a better result. I was a bit conformist.

3. Are you in good shape and what are your expectations for the event on November, the 23rd?

J.C.: I like to prepare the indoor season well. I ride a new bike now, but extra motivation will help me overcome this.

J.Z.: This time I will ride the 450 bike. It would have been definitely good more supercross practice, but I feel confident and I am convinced I will perform well.

N.B.: It is not easy to practice supercross in Spain, but I feel 100% motivated for Barcelona event. The goal this time is making it to the finals!

4. Let’s imagine there is a podium only for the Spaniards. What is your bet for 1st-2nd-3rd?

J.C.: Whoever of us on the podium –regardless of names- would be simply great. And I do believe three or four of us will be able to achieve this goal.

J.Z.: I bet for myself as 1st, of course, hahaha! But if I am not allowed to do this, my bet is Cros for first and Macanás for second.

N.B.: I will tell you on the 24th, hahaha! Anything can happen! When it takes to supercross racing all top Spanish racers are quite close in performance.

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