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Tom Pagés: “All my best tricks are inside my bag for Barcelona event!”

Double Barcelona Freestyle contest winner, the world’s best FMX rider will perform on the 17th of November tricks never seen before in Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. Fresh Freestyle gold and Best Trick silver medalist in X-Games Australia, this easygoing Frenchman knows what it takes to inflame the whole olympic arena by simply performing his impressive tricks.

Happy with your performance in the X-Games?

Very happy. My intentions were winning gold in the Freestyle contest. I managed to do it… and also got the silver in Best Trick thanks to the Frontflip.

So what’s next for Tom Pagés?

Innovation never stops in freestyle motocross. I am trying new tricks on the quarterpipe and Frontflip combos are just around the corner. I practise every day in the morning and in the afternoon in order to improve every single trick… and every single idea for every single new trick.

What will arrive first in FMX competitions: the Triple Backflip or the Double Frontflip?

Uffff… that’s a good question… Josh Sheehan performed the Triple Backflip three years ago in his training camp, but this trick demands some requirements that can’t be found inside an arena. It sounds really scary, but I think that the Double Frontflip will be landed before in FMX events.

And what about your “plan” for Barcelona Supercross & Freestyle event?

I will go to Barcelona with all my best tricks in the basket. X-Games-level tricks! Moreover, as I live close to Girona in Spain, good weather will allow me to practise very hard on the days before the event, so I will get to Barcelona with all my repertoire in perfect condition! (laughs).

In all that “arsenal of tricks” where the Alley-oop Flair (540-degree rotation), the Bike Flip (360-degree bike rotation), the Double Backflip (720-degree rotation) and the Frontflip (360-degree rotation forward) shine, which one does Tom Pagés prefer?

The Double Backflip, of course. It’s really a scary trick, but once you land it, you feel absolutely great!

Barcelona FMX event will be 100% show. No pressure from points nor judges. Do you feel more comfortable in an event like this?

I can’t make the difference. Wherever I ride I battle against…myself. My goal is always beating myself by putting out my best tricks as close to perfection as I can. Either my programme nor my self-demanding level when performing the tricks do not vary due to presence or lack of judges.

Tom Pagés’s reference riders are…

Many! From the technical point of view, Travis Pastrana, of course. Mi brother Charly has always been a guide and an example for me, too. And who deeply loved this sport, the fans and all other riders was departed Eigo Sato. He was a true example both on the track and in terms of life philosophy.

What differences can be seen when comparing the Tom Pagés in his first appearance in Barcelona in 2008 and today?

(Laughs) Many differences! In the beginning freestyle was just a matter of fun for me. Now I am much stronger as a rider and I know where I am at and where I want to get.

And do you expect to spend many years more on top of world’s FMX?

I have no idea. As I get older, I am enjoying more and more as I see my tricks continously improving. Maybe I will start thinking of quitting competition and FMX as a professional rider in four years time, but I have not spent a single minute on this yet.

How will your days be once you quit FMX?

I think I will lose all contact with FMX. Maybe I will start taking part in car racing competitions: world rally, the Dakar… who knows! (laughs).

You will meet other FMX aces -and good friends too- in Barcelona: Edgar Torronteras and Dany Torres!

Yeah, I look forward to sharing that day with them. More than friends, they are like brothers to me. Edgar is simply amazing: more than 20 years on top of FMX… and he continues to win medals in the X-Games with his impressive Whip! Both Edgar and Dany have been FMX world’s No.1 riders. There’s nothing left to add.

So the event on the 17th of November is not to be missed… nor the training sessions with you three, guys!

Hahahaha… I don’t want to meet Edgar nor Dany before the event! Should this happen they will take me out to party and party… and I won’t practise! (laughs). I am really eager to give it all in Barcelona, such a special place for me and home for really good fans. In Barcelona I learnt from the best… and I performed my first body-varial trick -the Volt- there! The racing atmosphere in the Palau Sant Jordi has always been unique and fantastic! See you there, guys!

An X-Games-level show… in Barcelona. Pagés dixit. An event not to be missed!

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